Many of the parents decide certain careers for their children simply because they are considered “hot”. Some of them take these decisions based on child’s performance in particular subjects. Being good at a particular subject is an important factor for success in a related career but it’s not the only factor. So basing one’s decision solely on academic performance is not a good idea. Indian Intelligence Test is the first of its kind initiative for figuring out the best suited career and more importantly, the best suited learning methods by deeply analyzing intelligence type of each participating individual. We also test the fundamental understanding of academic subjects rather than testing rote knowledge. Our analysis will greatly help parents and students to identify their career path.

Advantages of participation:

  •  Development of a healthy competitive attitude.
  •  Intelligence descriptions will help one decide best suited career path.
  •  Problem areas would be identified and thus relevant steps for improvement can be taken.
  •  A chance to participate in other activities of MCIIE, IIT (BHU).