About The Test

Indian Intelligence Test, an initiative of Jagran Group, will identify the intelligence type of each child so that most suited learning method is used and eventually the best career option is selected. It will also identify the scholastic abilities of participants of this test and reward the meritorious students.

The test is divided into two parts:

1. Multiple Intelligence Test: This test will find out child's intelligence type. In this section there will be some statements for which the students will select an option from given options according to their own preferences and views. No preparation is required.


Statement: I can play a musical instrument.
Options: 1. Mostly disagree, 2. Slightly disagree, 3. Slightly agree, 4. Mostly agree On the basis of the answers provided by students for these questions, we will tell the intelligence type of the individual.

2. Scholastic Aptitude Test: Students will need to answer fundamental questions related to subjects covered for their respective standards. The questions will be 60 MCQ type with single option correct. There will be negative marking for incorrect answers.

Students of class 5th to 12th of any board can participate. The test will be conducted in English and Hindi medium.

Questions of Math and Science subjects will be from current and previous class syllabus. The question paper will be the same for all education boards. Mental Ability requires logical approach to solve problems and doesn't have a specific syllabus. General Knowledge shall cover questions ranging from a variety of fields like politics, sports, current affairs, books and authors, famous places and people, history, geography, basic sciences etc.

The question paper shall have below weightage of questions:

Class 5th to 12th

Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematical Aptitude) 15
Qualitative Reasoning (Logical Reasoning) 15
English Language/Grammar 15
General Knowledge 15

Participation fees is Rs. 150 for all states

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